eCommerce Development

Fast Track to eCommerce.

Fast track to eCommerce

Our Solution provide a fast track to eCommerce, and You get help to build up a successful and modern eCommerce solution no matter your background and knowledge. Additionally, you Save a lot of time, money and resources by choosing the best tools, systems and partners already in 1st phase.

Solution we provide covers full eCommerce solution from the manufacturing or R&D to end users. On top of that we help you to define internal processes and tools to meet scalable eCommerce requirements.

We have a deep understanding of the eCommerce development including full end-to-end Supply Chain solution. We help you to avoid common mistakes, and show you the way to implement a reliable and profitable eCommerce business.

eCommerce implementation has been divided into the 3 steps

1st thing is to set up a goal together, and clarify current status. Then we start to work with the concept creation.

1. Concept Creation

  • Target Setting
  • Supply Chain Solution Analysis
  • Payment Methods
  • Custom Declaration, Certificates & Other Required Documentation
  • Initial Marketing Plan
  • Initial Social Media Strategy
  • Trusted Partner Proposal
  • Resource & Cost Estimation

2. Development

  • Management of eCommerce Development
  • Customer Support and After Sales Services
  • Translation Services
  • Content Management
  • Online Marketing Guideline & Best Practices
  • Offline Marketing Guideline
  • Social Media Initiation according to plan
  • Graphical & Web designer services
  • Wide & Trusted Partner Utilization

3. Adminstration

  • Administrate an eCommerce
  • Sales Support
  • Online & Offline Marketing Support
  • Cost Efficient Marketing Tips
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Page Optimization Support (SEO)
  • Return On Investment (ROI) Analysis
  • Best Practices and Lessons Learnt
  • Performance Metrics and Quality Assurance
  • eCommerce Optimization

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